The one and only Ten

Size - 62cm x 62cm - Mixed Media - Cut wood,  Carved Plaster figures,  0.6 carat diamonds and paint. Co signed by Pele.

When Pele walked onto the football pitch for the first time wearing a number 10 on his shirt,  little did he know that he was starting the whole culture of the public wearing the shirts of their idols.

Pele was the first true celebrity sportsman in the modern sense of the word.  He is,  and always will be the One and Only number Ten.  

The seven players signify the seven decades of his life,  each player being carved using photographs of Pele as the inspiration.  I found these images from all over the world. 

The balls in play are represented by diamonds,  being a reference to Pele's teachings from his father and his respect at all times for the ball,  treating it as a precious gem.