British Sculptor Nic Joly brings to life paradoxical characters and scenes; small in scale but larger than life, they are simultaneously satirical and truthful in nature. There are strains of autobiographical truth that are treated with Joly’s inimitable satirical jest, and yet displayed proudly for the world to see.


Delivering huge impact in every tiny tableau, Joly uses scale to parody and expose his chosen subject matter, impervious to the taboos and restrictions enforced by society, nothing is safe, nothing is sacred.


“We are all made of light and dark. Why do we all hide the dark side?”


What began as a hobby has evolved into an art form that is as playful as it is skilful.  Whilst encouraging us to awaken our sense of fun, Joly is quick to asert that his pieces are also a deflection of “the madness around us”.  Incorporating every day objects such as light bulbs,  Joly takes the ordinary and breathes life into the pieces through his wry observations.


“We are all too quick to belittle ourselves, but we are all small parts in a bigger picture.”